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Call toll-free (866) 344-9062

Credit Basics

  1. Why is it important to monitor my credit?
    Monitoring your credit allows you to look for errors that may appear on your report, as well as unauthorized changes that may indicate fraud. With the growing threat of identity fraud, it's important to make sure that your credit is closely watched.
  2. What will my report look like?
    Your credit report will contain your personal information, account history and an account summary, inquiry information, public record information, and creditor information.
  3. What is a credit score?
    A credit score is a number used by lenders as an indicator of how likely you are to repay your loans. Your credit score is generated by a mathematical formula utilizing the data from your credit report. Lenders have been using credit scores as part of the lending decision for more than 30 years.


  1. Which Web browser do I need to place an order?

    Important information about your Web browser and TransUnion Interactive:
    The quality and success of your TransUnion Interactive experience depends on your Web browser. A Web browser is a program that allows you to graphically view pages on the World Wide Web.

    TransUnion Interactive supports 128-bit encryption. In order to safely use this site, your browser must support encryption. Please see our browser recommendations below to ensure that your visit to TransUnion Interactive is safe and secure.

    Browser Version Recommendations:
    TransUnion Interactive supports all major browsers. To ensure the security of your information online, check that you are using the latest version of your preferred browser.

  2. Am I eligible for a free credit report?

    You may be eligible to receive a copy of your personal credit report at no charge if:

    • Within the last 60 days, you have received an adverse action notice based on information from your TransUnion credit report
    • You are unemployed and plan to seek employment within 60 days
    • You receive public welfare assistance
    • You have reason to believe your TransUnion credit file is inaccurate due to fraud
    • Your state offers a free or reduced-price Personal Credit Report

    If you are a resident of Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Vermont, you may receive one free copy of your credit report each year from the credit bureaus. If you are a resident of Georgia, you may receive two free copies of your credit report each year from the credit bureaus. Otherwise, a consumer reporting agency may impose a reasonable charge for providing you with a copy of your credit report.

    Illinois law, 815ILCS505/2B.2 (Solicitations Regarding Records):

    To obtain a copy of your credit report from Experian:

    • Mail request to: P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013
    • Or call toll-free (888) Experian (888-397-3742)

    To obtain a copy of your credit report from Equifax:

    • Mail request to: P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374
    • Or call toll-free (800) 685-1111

    To obtain a copy of your credit report from TransUnion:

    • Mail request to: 2 Baldwin Place, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19022
    • Or call toll-free (800) 888-4213
  3. Looking for a Canadian Credit Profile?
    If you have credit established in Canada, click here to go to our Canadian TransUnion site and order your profile now.

Logging In

  1. What if I forgot my password or username?
    We offer an automatic login process that is easy and secure. This process provides assistance to help you login when you have forgotten your login details. To ensure the security of your account, you will be asked to enter components of your account information as a method of identification. Once we validate that the information entered is accurate, you will be provided access to your account. When the process is complete, a privacy protection email will be sent to you.
  2. How do I change my login information?
    After you have logged in, click the link to your Profile at the top of the screen, then select the 'My Settings' tab.
  3. How do I choose a good username and password?

    When selecting a username, you should pick something you can remember. However, you should also choose something unique. TransUnion Interactive suggests using your email address.

    Your password should be at least 8 characters in length using numbers and letters; remember it is also case sensitive.

  4. What is a secret question and secret answer?
    Your secret answer is your personal response to a secret question you choose from a list we provide. They will help you login if you forget your username or password. For example, if you choose the question: "what city were you born in?", then your secret answer could be "Los Angeles". Make sure the answer is true and specific enough so it will help you reset your login.


  1. How do I know if I've been charged?
    If you've been charged for a credit report, there will be an entry on the My Profile page, 'Payments & Orders' tab, under the 'My Orders' section. It will clearly state the order number and date. Just click the 'Print Receipt' link to view specific details such as card number, product ordered, and amount. If you have not yet been charged, you will see a notice that says, "No charges on file."
  2. How do I get a copy of my receipt?
    After you have logged in, click the link to your Profile at the top of the screen, then select the 'Payments & Orders' tab. Select the 'Print Receipt' link and you will be presented with a copy of the original receipt.
  3. What if there is an extra charge or a charge that I don't understand?
    The Customer Service Team is available to answer your questions and resolve any problems.
  4. What credit cards are accepted as forms of payment by TransUnion Interactive?
    TransUnion Interactive accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  5. How can I cancel my membership?
    The easiest way to terminate your membership is by talking to a Customer Service Team Member at (866) 344-9062. Customer Service is available:
    Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.,
    Saturday through Sunday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.
    You may also terminate your membership here.
    Please note: Your TransUnion credit report will be unlocked when your subscription ends. If you have other TransUnion services, please log into those services to re-lock your report.

ID Verification

  1. What is Identity Verification?

    The Identity Verification process is an essential part of the TransUnion Interactive website because it protects your privacy by ensuring that your credit report can only be viewed by YOU.

    Identity Verification confirms your identity through a series of questions based on accounts and personal information contained in your credit report. Here's how it works:

    • The system presents you with a question based upon information contained in your credit report.
    • You select the answer from a list of possible choices and click NEXT to continue.
    • As you submit your answers, that information is compared with the information in your credit report.
    • You will answer as many questions as necessary to successfully confirm your identity.
    • When enough correct information about you has been confirmed, you will have access to your online credit report.
    • If you need to leave the site to look up some information, you can safely log off and come back later within three days from when you began to continue your identity verification.
    • If your identity cannot be confirmed online, you will be given instructions on how to continue.
  2. Is the Identity Verification process really necessary?
    The protection of your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us. Identity Verification is a powerful fraud protection tool because it asks questions that can only be answered by the person who is the subject of the credit report - without it, an unauthorized party could obtain your most private credit information.
  3. I'm selecting the correct answer(s). Why won't Identity Verification confirm my identity?
    Identity Verification used specific information contained in your credit report, and sometimes this information has not been recently updated or the information is inaccurate. For example, you may have recently paid off a loan that has not yet been reported to the credit reporting agency. If you are unable to pass Identity Verification, please follow the instructions provided.
  4. What if Identity Verification asks for outdated information that I no longer have?
    The system may ask for information about accounts that you may have closed within the past three years. It may be necessary to review your files or contact your previous creditors to request the information. Feel free to contact the Customer Service Team - they will do their best to help confirm your identity.
  5. What if I've tried everything, and Identity Verification still cannot confirm my identity?

    Please contact the Customer Service Team. Sometimes they are able to view additional details in the data that the online Identity Verification system cannot.

    A Customer Service Team member will attempt to confirm your identity by asking you questions about your credit history. Once your identity has been confirmed, the representative will immediately make your credit report available for you to view online.

  6. What is a Security Code?

    A Security Code is a unique series of letters or numbers linked to the display of your online credit report. When Identity Verification cannot confirm your identity online, it assumes that someone else is attempting to view your credit information without your authorization. To protect your security and privacy, your credit report cannot be immediately displayed.

    A Security Code will be mailed to you in a security envelope to the address listed on your credit report. A Security Code is mailed only when Identity Verification cannot confirm your identity and you have made no attempt to contact the Customer Service Team for assistance.

    If you do not want a Security Code mailed to you, it is important that you contact the Customer Service Team. They may be able to confirm your identity and make your credit report available for you to view online right away.

  7. How do I use my Security Code to access my credit report online?
    Your credit report will be displayed after you enter your Security Code. Here are the steps:
    • Return to
    • Log in with your username and password
    • When asked, enter the Security Code that is printed in the lower right-hand corner of the letter contained in the security envelope.
  8. Why does the Security Code have to be mailed to me?

    Our security policy requires that the owner of the credit report be notified by mail when the online Identity Verification determines that there may have been an unauthorized attempt to view your credit report. Remember, when Identity Verification cannot confirm your identity online, it assumes that someone else is attempting to view your credit information without your authorization.

    A partial view of the address the notification will be mailed to is displayed to you online when you receive notice that the mailing of a Security Code is scheduled.

Account Information

  1. How do I change my credit card information?
    After you have logged in, click the link to your Profile at the top of the screen, then select the 'Payments & Orders' tab. Select the 'Update/Change Credit Card' link to the right of the 'Product Billing Information' section. Enter the new information and select Save. The updated credit card information will now be used for all future transactions on the TransUnion Interactive Web site.
  2. The system does not ask for a credit card type (MasterCard, Visa). Why not?
    The credit card number indicates the type of card that you are using.
  3. Can I use dashes when entering my credit card number?
    Yes. You have the option of entering one continuous number, or using dashes/spaces to separate the number as it appears on your credit card.
  4. How do I update my mailing address or email address?
    The 'My Information' tab under your Profile allows you to easily update your street address and email address. To get there, click the link to your Profile at the top of the screen, then select the 'My Information' tab.
  5. Why would I need to change my mailing address or email address?
    The collection of this information occurs if you move or change your email address, you should update your information with TransUnion Interactive. Having your current information in the system allows us to contact you, if necessary, regarding your order.
  6. Do you sell my information to companies who send me junk mail?
    No. TransUnion Interactive does not sell your personal information to any third party for any reason.
  7. Why can't I change my Social Security Number?
    Theoretically, you shouldn't need to change your Social Security Number. If you mistyped your Social Security Number on the order form, you should start the process over from the beginning.